Hey there September

Hello again! Yesterday’s post was my first ever goodbye post to a month, and so today’s post is my first ever hello to a new month!

I recently bought a new workout outfit recently, even though since I’m unemployed, I really shouldn’t have! That purchase is exactly what has made me decide what this months little challenge is. Last month I gave up half way through, however this challenge is something I think I’ll find easier to stick to, especially since it’s something my friends and family will happily ‘force’ me to do.

Can you guess? It’ll be including some before and after photos, and something I’ve never really enjoyed.

Hell yeah, exercise.

Ya girl is going to be doing yoga, cycling, gym (from home) and I’m attempting to be doing workouts 3+ times a week.

Of course, I’ll be keeping an update of this on my Instagram and perhaps I’ll be changing up my diet a little bit too. I’m not trying to lose weight here either, I’m honestly trying to gain weight, with an end goal of 50kgs.

It’s time to beef up and tone up.


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