Goodbye August!

Hey there! I can’t believe it’s the end of August! Slowly it’s starting to feel like the year is wrapping up, I’m starting to count down how many uni assessments I have left of 2018 (and not to mention my entire degree!) and Christmas is somewhat coming around soon?

Christmas really isn’t that soon but because I’m planning something special this year (just for my readers), it feels like it’s REALLY close.

This blog post is something I’ve been wanting to do for way too long, and I’ve finally decided what I’m going to be including in these, it’s an ‘End of Month’ round up type thing! These posts will be a little look back at what’s happened each month in my personal life, the blog posts I wrote, some of the statistics from my blog (I always find that so interesting, SORRY), what I created during the month, how university is going and my favourite top 9 instagram photos from the month!

Personal Life

This month I started and internship at a security company in Brisbane! This was a really big step for me as I have never thought of doing an unpaid internship, however I knew that I needed to start gaining some experience within HR as I’m nearing the end of my degree, and this was the perfect way. I’m learning so much, way more than what I’ve learnt at university, and I’m enjoying the whole office culture.

Also I’ve been more conscious of gaining weight this month too, and because of that, I’ve gained 2kgs! It’s been a bit harder than most people would think and now I’m considering adding more exercise into my lifestyle to help gain muscle and to ensure I’m toned. Skinny fat, here we come!

Blog posts I wrote

I actually upped my blogging game this month, I’m so happy about how many blog posts I’ve been able to do. Here they are:

August Challenge ~ Capsule Wardrobe – I attempted to do a capsule wardrobe for this month! Update: I failed, hated it and stopped after 2 weeks…

Clancy’s Cafe ~ ootd – Yannik and I revisited Clancy’s, and this little post has a cute outfit in it too.

Brewski ~ Mussels Weekend – Yannik and I obviously love love love food, and so we went to Brewski’s mussel weekend event and ate 1kg of mussels!

Red and Black ~ Capsule Wardrobe – This was my favourite outfit from when I did the capsule wardrobe, and a bit of a darker outfit compared to what I usually wear.

The Paddock Bakery – A less than satisfactory cafe visit…

Internships and University – I wrote about my juggling act between university classes and assessment, plus my new internship.

Cups and Wells – My FAVOURITE cafe in Salisbury (Brisbane) – if you haven’t been, go check out this cute cafe!

How to Survive Travelling with the Inlaws – This was a post I’d been wanting to write forever and comes with a whole load of tips for what could potentially make or break a relationship(??)

Fathers Day Gift Ideas – Fathers Day is only a few days away! Have you gotten him a present yet?

Why I Chose a HR Major – My most hated interview question is ‘Why did you choose HR?’, I used this blog post to explain to you guys!

Blog Stats

I’ve only really just begun being interested in my blogging statistics, and as of the end of this month I’ve received 176 views! Definitely not my best month so far this year, June was the best with 215. However, with 115 individual visitors, and 39 likes, I’m rather happy!

As for my goals for my blog and my social medias? WELL:

Blog follows: 49 (2018 goal of 100)
Blog views: 865 (2018 goal of 2000. Was originally 4000, but well…)
Instagram follows: 1030 (2018 goal of 1500)
Twitter follows: 366 (2018 goal of 500)
Facebook likes: 52 (2018 goal of 100)
Pinterest follows: REACHED! (2018 goal of 200)

Trust me, I know my goals for both Facebook and my blog follows are incredibly low, however, facebook I’m finding it so hard to actually gain followers! I’m happy with where it’s at currently, and I’m personally not too bothered about how many people are actually subscribed to my blog, as a majority of them follow me on my other socials.

So so close to hitting my Twitter goal for this year though! Instagram is of course doing my bloody head in, it’s pretty difficult with the algorithim to actually stay on top of getting my ‘brand’ out there.

I felt that I had to really cut down my blog view goals, 4000 would be AMAZING, but I simply can’t see that become a reality this year! Perhaps next year? Obviously after I actually graduate from uni, then I’ll be able to put a little bit more effort into the marketing side of this little blog of mine.

My creations

I’m not too sure whether or not I’ve mentioned much about my artistic/craft side of life on my blog, but this month I actually finished crocheting 2 blankets! One is for my partner and I, and the other…

Let’s just say that at the beginning of this month, I had a basket FULL of balls of wool, I had no real use of them, so I wanted a cute and fun project just to get rid of a heap of them. Thus, the rainbow chunky blanket was created!

How cute are they both!? They’re both granny square style, the blue, yellow and grey one is HUGE and just about covers both Yannik and I, however doesn’t cover a double bed. A nice and simple cuddly blanket.

The rainbow blanket was a mission and a half. I absolutely love it though! I used a 12mm crochet hook and was using 3 different strands of wool at all times. It definitely just about HALVED my wool collection, which thankfully, that was the aim. It’s chunky, huge and super colourful. I love it.


OH BOY, the last week I have somehow managed to forget 2 assessments for the same subject, which is actually my favourite class?? Luckily I was able to get them in JUST in time, and my lecturer is pretty relaxed about it.

I’m doing fairly well grades wise at the moment, but I’ve got 3 group assignments which are all now starting to get REAL. Now that I’m nearing the end of my degree, I’m beginning to actually count down how many of each type of assessment I have left!? Bit silly of me but hey, let’s do a tally…

Case Studies: 11
Online Quizzes: 2
Presentations: 3
Group Assignments: 5
Individual Assignments: 8
Portfolios: 1
In Class Quizzes: 3
Class Engagements: 1
Final Exams: 5

HOW GOOD! Case studies are only so small (usually about 5% each), online quizzes are east, presentations SUCK, but I’ll be right, group assignments will be the death of me, I love individual assignments, I have no idea what this portfolio will be about (it’s a performance management class), I’ve never done in class quizzes but I should be fine there too, class engagements are just turning up, and final exams suck but I have 3 this trimester, none next trimester as a break and then 2 in my last trimester!

It’s all getting a little too real now…

Top 9 Instagram photos

Here are the top 9 of my Insta from this month! They’re all based by which ones got the most likes that I posted within August


So proud of myself with my Instagram too this month, I actually posted a photo that I normally wouldn’t. Me, wearing a sports bra without a top? Something little past me wouldn’t do, but since I’m trying to become more confident in my own body, I decided I’d take a step forward and post this. It ended up being my top photo this month!

A nice little boost for August, and now I’m just super excited for what happens in September.

xx Sarah


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