Why I Chose a HR Major

Hey there! Finally written a post about my university life, I don’t think I’ve written too much about it in the past, and this is probably the most important(ish) one I think I can write! I’ve gone to quite a few interviews in the last month or so, and there’s always this one question they ask: ‘Why Human Resources?’

I hate that question. IDK? Because I bloody felt like I had to go to university, because that’s the social norm these days, everyone’s obsessed with ‘having’ to go to uni. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my degree and my majors, but realistically, if I didn’t need to go to university for this piece of paper that’ll be starting my career, I definitely wouldn’t be going.

I guess I haven’t had the real ‘normal’ education experience. I didn’t go straight from high school to university, for multiple reasons; didn’t have the grades, and I was still very confused as to what I wanted to actually do.


When I graduated from school in 2014, I really wanted to be a nurse. My grandfather had inspired that whole thought process, and after he passed, I really wanted to ‘give back’ I suppose. But, why would someone like myself who hates science and has a weird phobia of needles want to do nursing?

I started a Diploma in Nursing at tafe and 2 months in, I dropped out. Tafe Nursing is completely different to Nursing at university (my cousin did a Bachelor). Tafe is so much more intense and stressful than high school and university. There were points in the course where I’d be doing 8 different subjects at a time, and having about 4 assessments a week. And because if you don’t get 80% on an assessment, you fail. Then, if you fail certain subjects, you then automatically fail a heap of other subjects, related or not.


Thankfully when I dropped out of nursing, I then had an awesome manager who then trained me on just about everything at my job, and I was able to work some ridiculous amount of hours and gain a heap of experience. This is where I gained a lot of training and development experience (and loved it), plus dealt with a lot of conflict resolution between customers and within the workplace.


I started to get quite bored of working in retail, and so I started looking at working as a flight attendant. I had loved the idea of travelling the world, and whilst there was no jobs within the industry available at the time, I came across a Certificate III in Travel, at tafe. A quick 6 month course, I managed to complete it, decided to not continue on to do the Diploma of Tourism, but instead to travel to New Zealand on a Top Deck tour for 3 weeks.


New Zealand was a huge turning point for me, I was only 18, and being one of the youngest people on the tour, I was able to discuss my future with a lot of the older travellers. By this point, I had spent nearly 6 months applying to jobs within the tourism sector, and was coming up with nothing. One of the guys on the tour mentioned Human Resources, and after realising that I had done a lot of the sort of stuff in my current job, it finally clicked.


Finally, the part about where I am now. I have about 9 months left of my degree currently, and obviously it scares the hell out of me. Yes, I’m completing an unpaid internship, however it’s opened my eyes a little as to how difficult it’s going to be to get a paid position within Human Resources. It’s not uncommon to do 1-2 years of unpaid internships before finding a job! Welp, time for me to buckle up for that ride.

Honestly my past is what really showed me to this degree, and I can’t wait to start working! My favourite parts of HR is Workplace Health and Safety, and the Learning and Development sides of it. I’ve already been able to discover for myself that I’d hate to be a recruitment consultant, as it’s too ‘sales based’ for my liking.


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