Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Hey again! Since I don’t work in retail anymore, I feel like I’m not as aware of the coming up celebrations as I used to be. Mothers Day and Fathers Day aren’t entirely advertised in an office working environment.

Fathers Day in Australia is coming up on the 2nd of September, and so I’m going to help you guys out with some ideas. Why are dads the most painful person to purchase gifts for?? My dad literally just goes out and buys himself what he wants. He wants a certain tool from Bunnings? A few weeks before his birthday? Ah well, he’ll buy it himself. SO ANNOYING.

That teeny tiny peak in the back


My dad LOVES Toblerone. The two different sizes that are available, I’d be opting for the bigger one. And because I have actually taken a photo of the real mountain that’s on the package? I’d be adding a little added gift, printing that photo out and attaching it, so it looks like a well thought out gift.


836093_greymarle_lDarth Vader Pyjamas

My dad loves his Star Wars, which I totally don’t understand why, I think I watched one movie and absolutely hated the whole experience. However, somehow, the branding is quite successful, and there’s always pyjamas related to the movies available. Find one that has Darth Vader and the words ‘I am your father’, and my dad will be stoked.

Race Car Experience

Well, I one day would love to be able to afford this gift for my dad, maybe next year when I (hopefully) have a full time job! But honestly, how cool would it be seeing your dads reaction to this gift? He’d be internally disappointed by the envelope it’s in, and then shocked by the voucher for the experience? So cool.


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