Cups and Wells

Hello! Who’s hungry for yet another food review post! I’m always keen for them, especially when it’s a local favourite cafe of mine! Cups and Wells is the cutest cafe that I sometimes go to before my classes at uni, it’s situated in Salisbury, Brisbane. The building it’s in used to be a newsagents, and has a new mascot – Blueberry the chicken.

My old boss and I talk about this place frequently, it’s got such a great community and homey feel about it, the coffee is great, service is always amazing, and the food is fresh.

IMG_9623I was quite hungry the morning we went, so I chose a rather big breakfast (which yes, Yannik had to finish for me), the Mourish breakfast. This meal is HUGE and has 2 poached eggs, pulled pork, a toasted slice of sourdough, roasted cauliflour, tomatoes, sweet corn and a bed of herbs. This meal was packed of flavour, the meat was super tender. As someone who prefers to eat vegetarian meals when she eats out, this was a different choice for me, and I have no regrets! So so good.

Yannik chose an eggs benedict, which came with pulled pork. Obviously someone in the kitchen has a huge love for pulled pork at the moment! The eggs were perfectly gooey on the inside (a huge thing for us), and the ingredients were very fresh. IMG_8556

We both got a coffee with our meals, however there was a little confusion about Yannik’s first coffee, so he got a second one. These guys that work here have such knowledge about their different beans they have, and they put a lot of care into ensuring you choose one that you’ll enjoy the flavour of.

We even got a visit from Blueberry herself!

xx Sarah


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