The Paddock Bakery

Do you guys remember my post about my anniversary weekend at the Gold Coast? Well, I promised a post about the food places we went, and this is the last one I haven’t written about yet! Here’s a link to the original post, and a here’s a link to the post about the restaurant we ate at.

I know I’ve written quite a lot of food based posts recently, but I literally love eating, so I promise that after I get this one (and another one next week, lol) done, I’ll be back to more varied posts! Maybe…

IMG_3767The day before we headed to the Gold Coast, I posted in a group on facebook for some ideas for a breakfast cafe, because I had NO ideas, yet wanted something really cute and quite homey for our meal. This girl gave us quite a few ideas, and we decided to go to Paddock Bakery, located in Miami.

The cafe is in this little old one story house, with the cutest garden, with heaps of seating inside and out. When we got there, it was very difficult to get a seat, as they were incredibly busy. Just to start off, there was a long line just to order, and whilst I got my own meal easily, Yannik had to actually ASK them for his IMG_3769meal, which was a pie. The girl he asked gave him the most disgusting attitude about it, and said ‘talk to ___’. Without even pointing to who she was talking about? I would definitely go back if it wasn’t for that one girl, because when his pie eventually was ready, she literally dropped it onto our table without making eye contact or saying anything to us. She was then sickly sweet to the ladies at the table next to us, which made us even more frustrated and disappointed…

Anyways, the good parts of the cafe? The food was so tasty and fresh. I had the ‘purple toast’, which was sourdough with a betroot and Za’atar puree, poached eggs, feta, walnuts and rosemary. IMG_3768The sourdough was cooked in house too! The meal was quite filling, and wasn’t too strong in the betroot department.

I understand that the cafe is usually busy, especially on a weekend, however the dishes were all disposable. Whilst I understand it is for their own convenience and saves them time, could you imagine the amount of unnecessary waste? Even the hot chocolate we had was in a disposable cup.

I don’t know, maybe I just have my expectations too high.

xx Sarah


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