Red and Black ~ Capsule Wardrobe

Hey there! As most of you would know, I’m using a capsule wardrobe for this month! I wrote a blog post about it here, if you haven’t read it yet. Today’s post is about one of my favourite outfits that I’ve got from the wardrobe, and currently I’m thinking that after this month, I’ll have to do a blog post about how to use a capsule wardrobe! I’m really enjoying it so far, I thought I’d hate the limitation of what I can wear, but really it’s just made it easier for me to choose what I wear in the mornings.

fullsizeoutput_66eThis outfit is actually all from Bardot (minus the shoes), and whilst it does make me feel quite put together (two toned outfits seem to do that for me), it’s super comfortable and I’m rather happy to wear this outfit just about anywhere.

I’ve also actually never really been a fan of the colour red and black together, until I decided to go out of comfort zone, and I love it now. About a year ago, I had no red items in my wardrobe, until one of the girls I used to work at forced me (lovingly!) to try on the red top in this outfit, and obviously that changed my mind about the colour red!fullsizeoutput_656

Working at that store taught me quite a lot about my own unique style, and what colours do and don’t go with my skin. For some reason, I thought that red washed me out, and that pink made me look tanner, which is completely the opposite. For those with pink skin like mine, ditch the pink, and rock the red. It’s actually somewhat embarrassing that I didn’t know about the pink washing me out until a few months ago, it’s basically why I find it funny to call my blog a ‘fashion blog’. I still make so many mistakes, just glad I no longer wear the colour pink!

fullsizeoutput_66dAlso, funny story about this location, it’s on the side of a rather busy road, and we actually chose probably the worst time, school had just finished, and we were a few hundred metres from the pick up zone… OOPS. So, my boyfriend (and photographer) was telling me to be relaxed and just to ‘be yourself’. I’m still finding it so weird and unnatural to be in front of the camera, I’m more used to being behind it myself. But I’m actually really happy with how these all came out.

Have you ever gone out of your comfort zone and discovered a new favourite outfit?

xx Sarah


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