Brewski ~ Mussels Weekend

Hello! Back again with more food news! Yannik and I are always checking out the ‘events’ section on Facebook, and a lot of the time, there’s nothing too great happening in Brisbane, or it’s WAY too expensive or out of the way for us to get to. The Saturday just gone, we went to Brewski for their mussels special!


We got 1kg of mussels cooked in a white wine soup, for $32 and their chips on the side. Yannik got a beer, and I drank a glass of moscato.

This meal was so FRESH and considering that we shared it, we were rather happy with the price. The venue wasn’t as busy as we originally thought it was going to be, but the service was quite fast and if you’re a beer fan like Yannik, Brewski has HEAPS of beers to choose from!IMG_3384


Just a quick little blog post tonight, but man I can’t stop thinking about how good these mussels were! Definitely felt like we were eating a meal not meant for us uni students.

Here’s a photo of me awkwardly sitting next to the food. I actually was just coming down from a migraine from earlier in the day, and then got another one later that night at 4am, hence the whole ‘my soul is empty’ face! Haha

xx Sarah


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