Clancy’s Cafe ~ ootd

Hey all! I know I’ve already written about Clancy’s Cafe once before (recently, too!) but Yannik and I seriously LOVE this cafe, so we went back! This time we went and did a little mini blog photo shoot as well, so thankfully this won’t be the same post as last time.

IMG_9505As I’ve said in my last post about this cafe, Clancy’s only does bagels (some of which have a salad option), and so this time Yannik got the ‘insert sausage pun here’ which has a pork and fennel sausage, pumpkin, tomato chutney, cheese, rocket, apple and garlic aioli on it. I got the ‘chicken out the goods’, which has chicken, rocket, tomato, cheese, bacon and garlic aioli. We both got them on garlic bagels, and much like last time – they were very filling and quite tasty.

And also as I’m doing the ‘capsule wardrobe’ challenge this month, here’s an outfit that I LOVE from the options I have! Quite simple, but comfy and rather cute.

I know in these photos you can only see the top half, so have a candid we took from later in the day…


I’m already really enjoying this challenge, even though it really is only day 2! I feel like I’ll actually learn what my ‘true’ style is from it.


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