August Challenge ~ Capsule Wardrobe

Hey there again! How good am I going so far with the amount of posts this week? This is the third post in a row, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I’m sure that most people these days have heard about capsule wardrobes, they’ve been around for quite a few years now, and I’ve been wanting to try this out for quite a few months. Last month, July was ‘waste free’ to many people I follow on my instagram.

This month, I’ve decided to challenge myself to use a ‘capsule wardrobe’, documeting it on my Instagram stories along the way, and then also writing a blog post about how I found it at the end of this month! I decided to choose a colour theme for it, to keep it simple, my style, PLUS easy to put together, as I don’t want to be wearing the same outfits day after day.

The colours I chose were red and blue, with bases of grey, white and black. I followed the simple rule of 33 items, and once I actually lay out all those items on my bed, I got really excited and got this comment from my mum – ‘what, this is it for the month? Are you sure?’

My capsule wardrobe isn’t including workout gear, socks or underwear, or jewellery (slightly cheating, but hey, I’m really just wanting to stop buying clothes, which I haven’t done in quite some months now!), and also I do have a select outfit for interviews set aside, as I actually have one tomorrow! And I’m currently looking, so I’m not letting the whole ‘oh sorry I’m doing a capsule wardrobe’ deter me from jobs, especially since the one I’m interviewing for is SUCH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

I’m not going to include photos of the items in this post, but I’ll be putting HEAPS of photos of items into the finale of this post at the end of this month, so here’s what’s in my wardrobe!

Bags: my brown JAG (for uni), navy shoulder bag (for smaller outings) and my Swiss bag (for when I’m needing to carry a whole lotta things).

Shoes: red lace up heels, black boots and brown slip on sandals.

Scarves: blue embroidery, short floral, big fluffy blue one. (I’m wanting to incorporate scarves into my fashion! Can you tell?)

Dresses: maroon midi lace, blue white stripe and black lace.

Jackets: denim and faux leather.

Pants: navy ponte, ripped knee denim and black denim jeans.

Skirts: tight light blue denim, blue scallop edged, blue suede and black faux leather.

Tops: red singlet, stripe cross over blouse, white and grey body suits. (Keeping these guys simple as it’s still currently cold enough for jackets, scarves and tights)

Jumpers: navy stripe 3/4 length, black kathmandu hoodie and loose navy knit.

Shorts: blue and white stripe, and blue asos.

Can’t wait to show you guys how I go with this! Definitely keep updated on my instagram stories, I’m going to be creating a separate highlight for it later today (during a uni class probably, sorry mum).

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe challenge? Do you think I’ll survive this without going TOO insane?

xx Sarah


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