July Round Up

Hey there! Today’s the last day of July, and I can’t believe that it’s nearly the end of the year?? I feel like I’ve just celebrated the new year the other week…

Here’s a quick overview of what happened this month!

This month I did get quite slack on my blog posting… for good reason though! My mental health went to crap, and I left my job, as it was affecting my mental stability a great deal.

I started back at uni again, now with less than a year left, it’s game time, and I’m in huge need of fixing my GPA! I’m passing, but I really want it to have a boost when I do eventually graduate.

Another thing I started this month was also taking my physical and mental health more seriously. Not only have I quit my job, but I’m now being serious about gaining weight, I’m doing a few small workouts to gain muscle weight, plus I’ve been to the doctor about my mental health – mostly anxiety.

My last job took a huge hit to my anxiety, leaving me with no confidence and no self-esteem. The new manager literally took over the store for 2 weeks and in that time was able to just kill me on the inside. Panic attacks, depressive states, lack of motivation, and a whole heap of physical stuff that are too personal to discuss on here happened because of it, and literally 2 days after quitting, my skin was clearing up, my panic attacks were occurring less.

On a social media aspect, my Instagram took a slight break too, I guess that’s what happens when you have no motivation and feel exhausted all the time! But I did manage to finally hit 1K followers.

I’ve got a heap of things planned and already in motion for August, I can’t wait!

xx Sarah


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