Salt Meats Cheese

Heya! I wrote a blog post recently about my Gold Coast anniversary getaway and here’s another addition to that post! On our first night at the Gold Coast, we went out to dinner at ‘Salt Meats Cheese’. We had heard about the one in Brisbane, and decided our somewhat early dinner would be had here.


For our entree, we had arincini balls, which were so incredibly yummy and gooey, and had a really flavourful aioli sauce to go with.

Yannik ate a truffle mac & cheese which was with a FOUR cheese sauce, and parmesan. Yannik’s meal looked and smelt SO good, had heaps of flavour from the cheese, and was definitely tastier than your mums home bake m&c.


I ate the gnocchi which was served with napoletana sauce, fresh cherry tomatoes, IMG_3763mozzarella and parmesan. I LOVE gnocchi, and luckily this gnocchi was incredibly fresh, had been made in the restaurant and did exactly what all fresh gnocchi should do – melt in your mouth. With the fresh tomatoes and basil, this is my dream dish, and I don’t think I’ve ever left a plate so clean before!

Lastly, the vibe of the place was very relaxed, with a side of sophistication, exactly what both Yannik and I prefer. The table service was fantastic, the guy who served us had a great personality, and was able to laugh about the lack of my wine knowledge.

Have you ever been to a Salt Meats Cheese?

xx Sarah


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