Thai Fish Curry ~ Recipe

Hey there guys, have you EVER cooked something that has just been so so perfect, it’s melted in your mouth, and you’ve eaten the whole 2 portions in one sitting? Well that’s currently me right now. I’m half annoyed at myself for eating all of this meal, as half of it I was planning on having for lunch tomorrow.

Quite a few years ago, I think I was 16(?) my family and I went to Thailand on our first Asia trip. It was awesome, and mum and I did a cooking class at the hotel in Phuket that we were staying at. My family has always had a love for Thai food (and every other type food tbh), and out of the cooking class, my 2 favourite recipes was Pad Thai and Thai Fish Curry (Choo Chi Pla, is what they call it on the recipe card we were given). This dish can be cooked with whatever protein you want, I have cooked this many times with chicken, I haven’t yet experimented with tofu (one day!), but this recipe is pretty versatile and SO INCREDIBLY EASY AND FAST.

I usually make this meal when my parents go away for the weekend, so then it’s just me and my brother, and sometimes Yannik. It’s super easy and quick to make, the cooking takes 15 minutes in total, and that’s only because you’ve finished cooking the fish curry before the rice has finished.

So, the ingredients are really quite simple, basa fish fillets, palm sugar, red curry paste, fish sauce and coconut milk.

These proportions today are for two meals! Yet would we be shocked if I told you that I ate the two portions after I finished making this? Oops.

Thai cooking a lot of the time isn’t about proper measurements, so I’m only going to be able to give some really rough measurements in this one, because you can always add more or less depending on what you prefer! I always prefer my curries to be quite hot with a touch of sweet.

Now for the preparation of this meal, there’s the fish and the palm sugar. For the fish, I cut in half lengthways and then cut into smaller chunks. With the palm sugar, I use a knife to basically grate it into smaller slivers. You don’t have to be too precise about the sizing of the palm sugar, as it will melt into the curry. Here’s a photo to demonstrate of course.

Time to start cooking! I always put the rice on before I start the meal, as you’ll end up waiting for the rice anyways. Firstly, one can of coconut milk is poured into a pan to warm up. Next, the fish. You’re wanting to poach the fish, so keep stirring the fish for roughly 5 minutes.

Once the fish is slightly cooked (browned off I suppose), I put in a heaped teaspoon of the red curry paste, and mix it through. I ended up adding in more to the curry when I tasted it in the end.

I love the red colour of the curry with that paste mixed through! Next step is putting in the palm sugar. I only used half of one of those big circle sizes, and was questioning whether or not to only do quarter. The brand that my mum prefers and we had, is not as sweet or as processed as others, so if it was more processed, I’d be putting in less. BUT it’s always up to what tastes you prefer.

The palm sugar always melts in really quickly as the curry is quite hot temperature wise. After this, I put about a tablespoon or 2 of the fish sauce. I don’t actually have a photo of this step, it’s a liquid ingredient, so you can’t see it poking out sadly!

Because that’s all the ingredients now in the curry, you’re more than free to taste and add more in! This curry seemed to have been the best one I’ve made for a long long time and so I was super happy with it! The fish sauce wasn’t too strong, which is why I use the fish basa. Basa is a rather plain flavoured fish, hence why it’s perfect for curries!


Let me know if you guys cook this yourselves! It’s the perfect ‘oh crap what’s for dinner’ meal.

xx Sarah


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