Gold Coast Anniversary Weekend

Hey there! I’ve recently returned from 2 nights away in Surfer’s Paradise! I’ve actually never stayed in Gold Coast, even though I’ve lived in Brisbane my entire life. I’ve only ever gone up to the Sunshine Coast, as per my parents preferences.

This was more of a special weekend away, being Yannik and I’s first anniversary! Yannik’s present to me was this little getaway, and he definitely did so so well! Here’s a little rundown on what we did, ate, and saw!

img_3758.jpegFirstly, here’s a photo of Yannik’s family’s dog, Robbie. He’s been suffering from their new puppy the last few weeks, and so he obviously thought he was invited on this little getaway too!

He loves car rides, and before I had even properly opened the car boot, he was inside.

IMG_3761We left early Friday afternoon, Yannik had decided to leave work early, and we got into this GORGEOUS apartment just with the sunset! All of this was an absolute surprise for me, as Yannik hadn’t told me anything, even location! I did manage to squeeze out ‘Gold Coast’ from him, but being such a large area, I couldn’t exactly figure it out from there.

IMG_3765The first night, we went to Salt Meats Cheese, which I’ll definitely be writing a separate blog post about! So so tasty, possible drooling when you read it.

IMG_3771On Saturday morning, we went to The Paddock Bakery in Miami, which was recommended to me by some girl on a facebook group! I love getting recommendations from people, and can’t wait to also write a blog post about this cafe too.

IMG_3773After the breakfast in Miami, Yannik and I went to Burleigh Heads, went for a little walk and did some shopping! I actually didn’t buy anything (shocking, I know) but Yannik bought stuff (even MORE shocking!!).

That night we wanted a low key dinner, and so I made a small picnic for us to eat on the beach. Being the beginning of winter in Australia, it was very cold and quite windy! We ate bread, cheese, smoked salmon, crackers and a salad. All this cost $20, so definitely a cute and cheap idea for a little date night.

IMG_3782Sunday morning I woke up early, without meaning to. My lips had gotten quite chipped and yuck from the wind and cold, so I showered and went to Woolies for some lip balm. Yannik was still in bed, and so I decided to surprise him with some coffee in bed.

We spent the rest of the day at Harbour town, shopping! I’ve never been there before, and so I was a little overwhelmed. I’ll have to make another separate blog post about my purchases, I’m so so so in love with them.

Until next time!

xx Sarah


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