Five Favourites: June

Hey guys! I’m someone who absolutely loves writing lists, and so when I saw The Sunday Chapter write her ‘Five Favourites: May‘, I really enjoyed the idea! She wrote 5 lists consisting of different things that she experience throughout the month. I know that it’s only half way through June, BUT I feel like I’ve definitely got these lists ready to go.

Welcome to my new monthly series, let’s see if I actually manage to keep it going for longer than just one post…

5 Cafes in Brisbane

Okay so we all know that I’m a lover of coffee, most of my instagram stories is me drinking coffee! Currently I’m writing this post whilst sitting in Hallowed Grounds, which I’ve been going to every morning before my exams. On Monday I had my Legal Issues exam, today my Economics exam, and then next Wednesday I’ll have my last exam, for Human Resources Management. I find it so easy and relaxing studying in cafes, and even though Logan Road is so loud in this cafe, I’m still able to get heaps done!

And by heaps done, I mean heaps of blogging done… Here’s my top 5 cafes I’m loving this month!

  1. Hallowed Grounds: Mount Gravatt
  2. Archer Specialty Coffee: Chermside
  3. Pomeroys Cafe: Wooloowin
  4. Cups and Wells: Salisbury
  5. Clancy’s Espresso: Norman Park (I’ve written a post about this! Here)

5 Netflix shows I’m binging

I REALLY shouldn’t be binging Netflix shows, as I’m well and truly in the middle of exams for uni, just starting a new job, blah blah blah… BUT I can’t help myself, and I watch my number one with Yannik, so it’s not like I’m binging on that one? However I did watch the second season of 13 Reasons Why in the space of 2 to 3 days. I’ve been shown Archer by Yannik and it’s actually the best and stupidest show to watch after I’ve come home tired from a long day at work.

  1. 3%
  2. Blacklist
  3. Archer
  4. 13 Reasons Why
  5. Brooklyn 99

5 new songs

I’m always driving in my little car, and I always must have music on, these songs are the top 5 I have playing a lot on my Spotify. They’re all pretty different, I have a very big variety of songs I listen to. The Dorsal Fins one was actually shown to me by my younger brother! He has an electric guitar and seriously plays this song on it ALL. THE. TIME.

  1. Slum Sociable: Not Everything Turns to Gold
  2. Dorsal Fins: Escape Me
  3. Robinson: Nothing to Regret
  4. AURORA: Queendom
  5. Radical Face: Welcome Home, Son

5 positivities

I think this needs to be a permanent list in this monthly series, I feel super happy and light just writing it up and looking back at them. This month, only half way in(!!) and I’ve got so many good, happy, positive things that are happening. I still have quite a lot of improvements to make, but just seeing the small amounts of growth from this month already has been really really lovely.

  1. I got a new job!
  2. I can now say I have under a year left of uni (YIKES)
  3. My mental health is probably the best it’s been in a long time (still somewhat all over the place but…)
  4. I’m putting more weight on slowly, however I’m thinking of soon getting into exercise!
  5. I’m feeling so much more confident in my blogging, and now just to find time to do it all in. Not yet a full time blogger, maybe give me like 6 years lol

5 goals for the next 6 months

Really focusing on my blogging right now! I feel like I have suddenly gotten a heap of motivation and inspiration for it currently, and I’m slowly starting to see my blog grow; slowly but surely. It would seriously make my entire year if I even reach one of these goals! My biggest and hardest one would be Instagram, since I’m really really struggling to gain followers (aren’t we all though, ugh), BUT I’m so so keen that my blog followers are actually improving dramatically in the last few days! Don’t be afraid to follow me of course…

  1. Getting 100 followers on this here blog!
  2. Reaching 200 followers on Pinterest
  3. 500 followers on twitter (I’m currently about 280)
  4. Reaching 1.5K followers on Instagram (a stretch, but…)
  5. Paying off the rest of my car (I wrote a post about this, here)

Let me know or even tag me if you guys start this series on your own blog!

What are your top 5 things for this month?

xx Sarah


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