Tips for Travelling Bloggers

Hello! I laugh at the thought of calling myself a ‘seasoned blogger’, so there’s no way in hell that this post is condoning this. HOWEVER during my trip to Switzerland, I was only half prepared for photos, and so I’ve made a list of tips on how bloggers, influencers and just people wanting to up their instagram game can bring out the best photos of themselves on your trip.

I only really got a handful of I guess what could be called ‘instagrammable’ photos. By this I mean the cute touristy photo, nice outfit, GORGEOUS background, perfect props, etc. The need to pre plan and research is crucial for it, and looking back at it now, I wish I then (literally 2 months ago, oops) was taking my blogging slightly more seriously, as I’m currently trying to do.


Know where you’re going

So, when I went to Switzerland, I didn’t plan anything for my blog at all! I hadn’t planned the trip myself, so all I knew was that we would be spending most of our time in Bettmeralp, skiing. To be honest, I would’ve loved to have spent more time seeing the rest of the country, but it was my first time skiing, so I was pretty happy.

Make a list of where you’re going, what’s nearby, how long you’re there for, what you’re doing. PLANNING would have to be one of my favourite things to do (a well known fact, I’m sure) and planning itineraries is the most fun thing to do, I actually have a certificate iii in it (in travel, but same same).

IMG_0040Search locations and accounts on instagram!

As for if you’re planning a trip and having ‘photos’ in mind, I’d start scoping out photography places about 2 months before you leave. Instagram is FANTASTIC for this, especially with the new(ish) saving tool. I create folders for each location I’m going to on my trip, and then go from there.

Since for our trip, we last minute had to look at what locations were available for us in Bern, Brig and Zurich. We didn’t exactly plan ahead, in fact we literally only planned the tiniest bit for Brig, and just winged Bern and Zurich. We were sadly really pushed for time, but we definitely made the most of Brig!!

Just by searching locations in Instagram, and following other accounts that predominantly post from the location will really help you get some inspiration for your photos, and you’ll then know what props and clothes to bring/wear.

IMG_0041Plan outfits, props, hair and makeup

For me, makeup and hair aren’t a huge thing. However, some bloggers of course really take this into their planning, good for them. My hair and makeup are usually really simple 15-25 minutes to do when I’m travelling. Usually a brush and straightener, with perhaps some light foundation, lipstick and mascara. Blush is a new thing for me too, so I’m starting to use that in my makeup forte currently.

As for outfits, think of what colours are predominant in the place you’re going to! I’m actually planning to do a HEAP of photography over the coming up weekend (you’ll see why in my next Monday post!) and I’m already following this list and planning planning planning. So as not to give it all away, I’m thinking bright colours, some flowy outfits and perhaps some edgy ones too. Also, taking a bag of clothes and maybe 2 (or more?) pairs of shoes with you when you’re doing photos is a great idea. I’d be popping into local bathrooms or cafe bathrooms for quick changes, or using simple layering to create the look of different outfits.

Finally, props. I personally haven’t used many in my photos, BUT I’m really wanting to play around with them! I’m thinking of flowers, bags, umbrellas, dogs (pets can be cute props of course!), coffee cups, books, etc. This list can get extremely long, to the point where I could seriously write a whole blog post on it. I’m excited to see what props I use next weekend!

IMG_0036Plan and pack camera equipment (if any)

This sounds so stupid, but I ALWAYS write in detail what camera equipment I’ll need for my travels. I have forgotten my tripod when going to places like Japan, where I really wanted to do a long exposure of Shibuya crossing. It would have looked SO COOL but I left it all the way in Australia. I only have 2 different camera lens, and my Canon 600D, but of course it’s always easy to forget things. BATTERIES AND CHARGERS guys REMEMBER!! I remember running out the door at like 5am for a flight and last minute remembering the charger! Also my SD card adapter, since I have the smaller MacBook Air, which doesn’t have an SD card slot (next time I need a new laptop, MacBook Pro!).

You definitely don’t need these fancy camera photography things, in fact I use my phone for a lot of my photos, and with a quick edit, they still look quite great and ‘Instagrammable!’


So, are you guys heading anywhere soon? I need some travel inspiration!

xx Sarah



26 thoughts on “Tips for Travelling Bloggers

  1. To be a travel blogger is my dream. I haven’t done much traveling lately. I still have an old DSLR Camera but I’d love to upgrade it to something more high tech. When we do get to start traveling again, I would definitely invest in a better camera.


    1. I’d love to be a travel blogger too! Hopefully after I graduate I’ll do more travelling… I think I’ll have to stick to being a lifestyle (and occasional travel) blogger for now. My DSLR is about 6 years old, but still works like the day I bought it. Perhaps when I pay off my car I’ll invest in something better too 🙂


  2. I thinks it is a very useful tip about checking cool places on Instagram before going somewhere. It can help to save lots of time!


    1. It can take hours to check and find cool places on the internet! Especially if you’re not too sure about certain locations, it’s definitely the second thing I do after I book a trip

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Timing is so important! I’ve made the mistake of looking at photos from different seasons, to be disappointed once I’ve gotten to the location… Oops haha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes phone photos are just not good enough! Especially for horrible lighting. I’m still on the look for a super portable but awesome camera for when I one day go backpacking and need to pack light


    1. Precisely! My friend is currently overseas and writing a small amount of blog posts about it, so I wrote this one partially for her and also just for those that may need a little nudge of motivation 🙂


  3. I definitely agree that it is so important to be able to plan outfits whilst you are travelling and also do some research on the locations that you might come across as it will help you feel prepared. As we all know, travelling is fun but it can be stressful if you are not prepared.


    1. I get soooo anxious if I’m not prepared for things, even if it’s out of my control! It adds to all the happy travel memories you can look back at later too


    1. I have so so many on my list! I’m thinking next maybe Hong Kong but this will have to be in at least a years time, after I graduate from uni!

      Where are you thinking of going?


    1. I’ve slowly made it a habit taking all my camera equipment with me! Now just to be more confident about having photos of me being taken in public…


  4. So true! If you are a travel blogger, you have different requirements, such as IG-worthy shots. In our case, it’s always about family. haha The kids are always the consideration.


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