My Top 10 Photos of Switzerland

Heya guys! Finally back on board of the frequent posting train! I know that yes this is only the second post in a row that I’ve managed to do, but I’m having high hopes at this stage!

Recently I’ve been really missing my current favourite country, Switzerland. I was there on holiday nearly 2 months ago with my boyfriend and his family! I haven’t put ANYTHING on my blog about this AMAZING country so far, so here’s the first post, my top 10 photos. Not all of them were taken on my DSLR, but you seriously don’t need an amazing camera to see how perfect (I think so) this country is.



This was taken in a little town close to Bettmeralp, where we were skiing. Brig is such a cute town, with heaps of history, which tbh I was in a bit of shock at how beautiful this place was. Of course, this photo was quite staged (by my boyfriend, bless him) but oh my goodness it’s 100% the cutest photo just because it was really my first time seeing a country like this before.




This isn’t the nicest photo of me?? BUT this was the first time I had really properly seen snow before (other than being on top of Fox Glacier in NZ), and of course I was very jatlagged, and very very cold. Being Australian, I haven’t had many chances to see snow before, and it was like being in a movie.




CAN WE JUST: I went out for a walk with my camera one morning because it was towards the end of our trip and the ski slopes weren’t too great and the timing of this one was PERFECT.




Simply, I just really couldn’t get over the sight of fresh powdery snow on top of what I kept calling Christmas trees. So so so cute.





This one of course is my #1. We quickly took this one on our way from Bettmeralp back to Zurich. We only had a few minutes in Brig to change trains, and we had seen this spot when we first went there, but there were market stalls in the street! Definitely my number one favourite photo. Look at how happy (and sunburnt) I look!



These photos, they’re in the lower of my 10, but still LOVE

Bettmeralp (and Matterhorn!)

I MISS THIS BEAUTY OMG. I think it took me so so so long to finally come down and relax after returning from Switzerland, purely because of how breathtaking it is. I’ll definitely be back one day, I’m already trying (badly) to learn German and thinking of perhaps moving there one day.

xx Sarah


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