How I Save Money

Oh my goodness it feels wayyyy to long since I’ve last posted on here (2 weeks!) and so of course I have my reasons, and I feel that this blog post is quite fitting. I got a new job!

I haven’t talked about my ’employment’ on my blog for quite a long time for quite a many reasons… It really hasn’t been that great for the last 6 months. I left my a fairly stable job in September of last year, and since then? I’ve had 4 jobs… I left my stable job for a ‘better’ seeming position with a different company, which only lasted 6 weeks(!) because the company restructured (tbh, they’re not doing too well), but I was able to get a job literally a WEEK after losing that one.

I was in LOVE with this new one, but the company had come into some hard times and so decided to close down 2 of its stores, including mine, without being able to offer any positions at other stores. I was able to get a job after about 3 weeks of searching, however I was only getting 4 hours a week ($100 a week? bruh), and so I was still on the hunt. FINALLY I’ve got a fantastic job, which I started just over a week ago, and they’re already talking about a management program!

Now, if you remember, I actually went to Switzerland in March/April this year. Luckily I was able to do this with the help of my parents, and a bit of saving. I’m paying my parents back some money (they insisted on paying for the plane fares), PLUS I’m still slowly paying them back my car.

I haven’t made a payment on my car to my parents for over 6 months now, since they luckily took pity on the fact that I was living on the most tiniest weekly wage…

SO this post of course, is how I save! I absolutely hate the idea of being in debt to people, especially if it’s something ridiculous. I owe about $6.5K to my parents for my car, and a backlog of car insurance, car registration, car servicing and other smaller bits. Seeing these number written down can be quite exasperating at times!

I’m naturally an anxious person, and so knowing that I still have to pay them back for the last 6 months has been super difficult, especially when my car was having a few issues, resulting in a big car service fee ($750 anyone?).


To break it down is definitely the first step.

For me, I get paid $700 a week. I do however really like having a few dollars just so I can have a life; get coffee, grab a small bite, AND I still have bills to pay!

Currently, I’m going to be trying to pay off $300-$400 a week… which sounds RIDICULOUS (and I agree), but I’m loving the idea that it could then take me 17-22 weeks to pay off that huge chunk of debt (4.5-5.5 months). I’m saving this huge amount of money in a rather crazy fashion. I’m not buying clothes, I’m sticking to a rather strict budget, and because I’m a student, when I’m not at work, I’m studying, which means I’m not really out and about and therefore having time to spend money.

Would it shock you guys that in the last 4 months I’ve bought probably about 5 items of clothing/accessories? Even then, these items have been on sale, or/and I’ve needed them. My last 2 items I’ve purchased have been for my new job too, so they’re more recent ones.

The best thing about getting a real stable job after 6 months of uncertainty? NO BUYERS REMORSE. I bought a pair of winter boots (my other ones were from 3 years ago, and dying) and I felt absolutely no guilt.

However, it’s time to pay off my debts! I’m aiming to have everything paid off before Christmas, and then perhaps buy myself a nice gift, without having the ‘omg I could’ve used that to pay of…’ thought process.


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