Autumn/Winter Clothing Wishlist

Heya again! I’m currently back with a little post, about my fairly favourite topic: clothing! I’ve actually just accepted a new job offer, so I’ll be back to working more hours again (finally), and it’s back in the best type of retail (I think so)- fashion. This time it’s mens fashion, but I’m still loving the idea of working with textiles again.

I’m not sure what it is, but I really enjoy seeing people dressed in a new outfit, they have a different smile on their face. And because I have been missing working in a women’s fashion retail store for a little while, I’m of course writing a post about the styles I’m really loving for autumn and winter.

This year I’m really wanting to work on layering, since as long as I can remember, I’ve stuck to just wearing skinny jeans, a top, and a cardigan or jumper. I need to up my game, I’m more than aware of that! I’ve even gotten into jackets now, owning both a leather (fake) and a denim jacket. It doesn’t really get cold enough in Brisbane during winter to wear a coat, but I have one just in case and for when I travel overseas in their winter.

So here’s a few items I’ve found! I only looked at Charcoal and Glassons, just because I know how crazy I can get when looking at clothes online… It’s not always a fun and easy time (100+ tabs open? Yup, done that before…)


I’m not usually a fan of long sleeve tops, I never have been but I think this year will change that! I’m going to be layering long sleeve tops under dresses this year, and these two are perfect for that. The ‘Check Cropped Top‘ is currently $35, and the ‘Long Sleeve Top‘ is currently $20, both of them from Glassons! I love to shop at Glassons for their plain and basic items, as they’re usually cheap yet still quite nice quality.


Before working at my first fashion retail store, I had never THOUGHT of wearing pants that weren’t jeans. But I’m currently loving the idea of wearing long pants, even in winter. The ‘Tapered Leg Paperbag Pant‘ from Glassons is currently $50, and would be super comfortable for those cold days at uni. They’re not too tight on the legs but still provide warmth. The ‘Electric Love Pants‘ from Charcoal are currently $45, and whilst these won’t be as warm as the other pants, they’re perfect for that odd ‘warmer’ day we sometimes get in Brisbane during winter.


I’M IN LOVE WITH DRESSES RIGHT NOW! I actually bought a new dress from Charcoal today, and whilst I can wear it in Summer or warmer months, I’m going to be able to add some leggings to the outfit for some extra warmth. These dresses above? The shorter ones I’d be adding leggings, a long sleeve t-shirt and depending on how cold it is that day, a jacket. The midi dress, I’d wear with boots and my leather jacket on a warmer day of Brisbane winter.

The ‘Sedgwick Mini Dress‘ from Charcoal is currently $49, and whilst it’s a super bright colour, I’d love to have this in my wardrobe. It’s such a fun colour, I’d be pairing it with white tights and t-shirt, and some cute boots or sneakers. The ‘Odette Mini Shift Dress‘ from Charcoal is currently $69, which is slightly more than what I’d pay for it (tbh) BUT I love that you can pair this with any colour tights (I wouldn’t do white though), and it’d be an all year round dress.

I’m loving the colour mustard at the moment, and the ‘New Order Mini Dress‘ ($49) from Charcoal, is another all year round dress. My favourite colour to wear with mustard is navy, so a thick navy set of tights with this dress, and I’d be ready to go. I really love pinafores as well, my mum is currently making me one at the moment, and of course they’re perfect all year round too. Both the ‘Montana Denim Dress‘ and the ‘Jackie Pinafore Dress‘ are $49 each from Charcoal, and perfect to layer a knit underneath.

The midi dress is best for warmer days, probably in those weird months where the weather is still deciding what season it’s currently in. The ‘Falling Doubts Midi Dress‘ from Charcoal is currently $59 AND all year round (of course), and love love love it! Lastly, the ‘Anderson Mini Dress‘ IS SO CUTE from Charcoal at $49. I’d love to put that yellow long sleeve shirt underneath, and wear navy stockings. Not only that but it’s my last name as the name of the dress, so it must be fate.


If you know me well, you’ll know that I have a love of playsuits. They’re comfortable and cute, yet you don’t risk flashing anyone when it’s windy. Of course, why can’t you wear jumpsuits in winter? The ‘Nightcall Jumpsuit‘ from Charcoal is $49, super cute! I love the stripes and the colour, which of course this one I’d wear close to the end of the season, with a jacket. ‘The Linen Blend Button Jumpsuit‘ from Glassons for $60 is perfect to layer a long sleeve shirt, and jacket.


I have a bit of an issue when it comes to knits and outers. I absolutely love them! They come in all sorts of cute designs and cuts these days, and of course I had no trouble of finding some favourites. If you’re after a knit that’s plain but has sleeves, the ‘Thelma Crop Knit‘ from Charcoal is currently $55. I’d be layering this under the pinafores!

The ‘Sweetest Chill Crop Knit‘ from Charcoal, is currently $55. I’m always loving stripes on anything, but stripes on a sweater? Woah girl, I need this one asap! The ‘Picasso Knit‘ from Charcoal is currently $55. I really like that this sweater can be worn as both a top or a dress! I’d naturally wear some navy stockings underneath, and some chunky heeled boots.

The ‘Love Train Knit‘ from Charcoal is currently $55. This cute strip in the middle of the sweater makes me love it so so much, it’s such a classic! Such a great match to layer with the pinafores above. The ‘Chenille Crop Top‘ from Glassons is currently $30. I’m a sucker for this colouring, and assuming that this sweater is super soft, and with that neckline? It’s a winner for me.

Now that I’ve finished this post, I can’t wait for more winter clothing! I may have to post more of my #ootd on my Instagram stories and highlights!

Until next time, Sarah xx


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