Clancy’s Espresso

Hey there! I haven’t done a cafe/food post in so so long, and so on Saturday when Yannik took me out for breakfast, I didn’t initially know where we were going (it was a surprise), I already knew I’d be writing a post on it. So here it is: Clancy’s Espresso, in Norman Park!

We’ve both driven past Clancy’s Espresso multiple times in the past, both saying a common phrase in our relationship ‘ooh we’ll have to go there one day!’ which is then followed by us checking out their Instagram, and then adding it to our ‘list’. Which, is forever growing, and who knows if we’ll ever get everywhere!

Clancy’s Espresso is such a cute and quaint little cafe, and the menu is quite simple; only bagels! We actually liked this simplicity, it made it a lot easier to choose. Or so we thought, we spent probably 15 minutes actually trying to decide. We ordered our usual coffees, which came out first, and whilst they weren’t as hot as one would hope, were tasty nonetheless.




Yannik had ‘Reuben me the wrong way’ on a garlic bagel, filled with silverside, wholegrain mustard, sauerkraut, dill cucumber pickles, Swiss cheese and garlic aioli. It came with a side of pretzels.




I had ‘Don’t leave it for salmon else’ also on a garlic bagel, stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill, rocket and pepper, which then came with a side of salt and vinegar chips.

Also, how cute is this plant?? The whole place is full of them, and as we sat on the bench at the windows, there were even more of them for decorating!


Have you guys been to Clancy’s Espresso yet?

Also let me know if there’s any cafes in or around Brisbane that you think I should try!


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