Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Ah yes, Mothers Day. For those living in Australia, it’s tomorrow!! My own mum is quite easy to buy for, yet this year as I’m currently working only 4 hours a week, I don’t exactly have much money to throw around. So, I’ll be cooking her a favourite meal; Thai Fish Curry. Maybe I’ll have to post the recipe of that one here soon!

However, for those that are scrambling for some last minute gifts (come on guys, Coles has been advertising this ALL MONTH NOW), you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve got $20, $100 or even $200 of a budget (damn, what’s your job if you can drop $200 on a gift? Hit me up), here’s a guide for what you can gift to the lady who brought you into the world, as my mum constantly reminds me, especially on my birthday: ‘I spent days in labour for you’. Well good thing you did mum, because now you can have the BEST mothers day EVER.

Budget: $20

bunch of flowersThe child: you’ve probably REALLY got no shifts in the last few months (hey it me!) or, you’ve completely forgotten that it’s mothers day tomorrow, but she’s called you up and asked you for dinner tomorrow night, subtly dropping the ‘We need to celebrate mothers day together!’ and then changing subjects to the fun ones like, ‘when are you having children’ and ‘have you chosen a career that’s going to pay you well yet?’

The gift: You’ll need something that says ‘mum, I love you, and I totally put a lot of thought into this gift, even though it’s pretty average, but I’m poor and you should probably transfer me some rent money’.

It’s pretty easy to get a quick bunch of flowers these days, you can either go to the supermarket or if you’re feeling really nice, flower markets! Just make sure they look fresh, and perhaps make sure your mum doesn’t suffer from hay fever (I’ve heard horror stories).


Budget: $50

wine and bookThe child: You’ve previously done heaps for your mum, and you’re probably relatively busy. However, you’ve forgotten the most IMPORTANT day of the year. So you’ve rushed off to your closest shopping centre in search for something sweet, not too expensive, but not too cheap and tacky.

The gift: Bottle of wine and a book. Mums LOVE a bit of vino (well, my mum and her friends do, where do you think I got it from?) and of course to make it look like you’ve put some real thought into the total gift, you’ve run into the bookstore and have picked up a book by good old Nora Roberts. The book will set you back $20, and the bottle of wine? $30. You’ve hit the jackpot with this one, because mum totally only drinks $15 bottles of wine usually, so she’s going to be over the moon with this ‘pricey’ wine. You’ve done well.


Budget: $100

yogaThe child: You’re a thrifty person, don’t spend any money EVER but of course this year will be different, you’re going to spend money on your mum. Good for you, but you’ve left it late. AGAIN. You’re not entirely sure what mum wants or likes, but you know that it was a stressful job for her to bring you up, you were a bit of a little shit kid.

The gift: MASSAGE. or, YOGA. You can easily jump online and print out the voucher for this one, all from the comfort of your home. Even chuck it in a nice envelope (you get extra brownie points if there’s a card, too) and voila, your mums going to be super relaxed for at least 3 hours post massage/yoga, and she’ll maybe be easy on the fact that you still haven’t moved out of home.

Budget: $200

roseThe child: You’re a baller (well, you think you are). And you’re a mothers boy. You also think simple things are best, and you know your mum loves her roses. You’ve probably got a heap of other siblings too, and obviously, you’re going to upstage them, just because they’ve outdone you other years. THIS YEAR IS YOURS BUDDY.

The gift: You’ve seen them all over Instagram, you’ve seen all the ‘influencers’ receive them from their partners (a lie, they were sponsored. We see you), and they’ve gushed about these flower that last 1-3 years. ‘The Million Roses’ website definitely won’t deliver on time for tomorrow, but they’ll keep delivering after mum receives it. This basically sets you up for over a year of love from your mum, she’s definitely got a new favourite child now.


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