Goodbye March, Hello April!

MarchHeya readers! March is coming to an end, and I’ve decided that for the last post of every month, I’ll be doing a summary of what happened throughout the month. This month is a little bit small, mainly because I had this idea recently, but I’m HOPING that April’s month round up will again be slightly bigger and better!

IMG_0001So as we know, my online store was launched at the beginning of this month, and tbh I haven’t been working too hard on it this month as I’m actually leaving for Switzerland tonight! I didn’t want to put heaps of work in until I got back, I feel somewhat guilty about it but I have my reasons…


Uni has been going actually quite well! I’ve only done 2 online quizzes, with one tonight (which I’m totally not stressed about…). So far I’ve done one of my Economics online quiz, getting 7 out of 10! I was hoping for a little higher, but I’m actually quite happy with the outcome. I also had my online quiz for Business Processes the other day and got 11.25 out of 15, WHICH I’m very happy about as the class does seem to be one of those that just doesn’t have a huge amount of information about it? It literally doesn’t have a textbook, and it’s mostly just how to draw process maps… Bit useless but hey I’m aiming for a 7 here, so I’m keen.


My Instagram account has been doing quite well! I actually set my goal at the beginning of the year to reach 1,000 followers, and this month I finally hit 600! A small number to some, but I’m more than half way now, and I can’t wait! My Instagram is going to be a little quieter than normal whilst I’m over in Switzerland (unless I find wifi), so hopefully that doesn’t affect my followers too much. Also I finally redid my bio, making it seem more professional?? AND I finally jumped onto the bandwagon of Instagram highlights; creativity, blog, travel, wellbeing, love and study being the themes. When I get back from my trip, I’ll be vamping up my online stores Instagram again, really paying attention to that.

Other than Instagram, both my blog and online store lack in one thing… Facebook and Twitter! I’m not too sure whether I need them? But would you guys even be interested? What would I even do with them? I feel like I’d forget about both of them and then neglect them sadly… Which could actually look really horrible! I’ll think about this over my trip and make my decision when I come back. I do have a Facebook page in place for my blog and store, however I really haven’t used it too much. I think it has 5 likes! We’ll see!

As for my blog, the other night I sat down and wrote down a huge list of blog post ideas… Four pages in total! So yes, I’m going to be working quite hard on these future posts, and I hope to really add some content value to my tiny little blog of mine. I’m talking all sorts of things; recipes, fitness, music playlists, study how to’s, beauty and fashion posts, travel posts (in and out of Brisbane) and just hoping to really let myself be more vulnerable with my posts so that my readers (that’s you!) can get to know me a little more.

See you next week!


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