Milk and Honey Cafe

IMG_6418Hey! This time last week I wrote about my boyfriend and I having a road trip in Toowoomba! This post is here, if you want to go back and have a look at the most AMAZING photos. For this post, we’re still in Toowoomba, and this time it’s the most aesthetic cafe I have ever been into. I was actually shocked that it was in Toowoomba? These guys need to open up in Brisbane asap and I’ll be their best ever customer.

My boyfriend and I had been to this cafe before, but had only just bought a coffee and it was actually really really good! So this time we knew we had to go back and try out their food, because when we had seen other people eating there, it looked so fresh!

I of course ordered my usual avocado on toast, but this one had a different twist. On the IMG_2411menu, it was called beetroot labna, which sounded really interesting and tasty, so I didn’t think too much of it. UNTIL IT CAME OUT and omg the beetroot labna was purple and frothy, so it looked both really cute but funny on the plate!

There was so so so much avocado on this one piece of toast, to the point where I was having issues trying to eat it without any falling off. All the ingredients are so incredibly fresh and tasty, and I would definitely of course recommend going to this cafe if you’re ever in Toowoomba. Inside the cafe, it feels like you’re anywhere else other than there, I could imagine a lot of cafes in maybe Canada looking like this? It’s just such a beautiful cafe.


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