Toowoomba Sunflower Fields

DSC_0549Hello again! This would have to be one of my favourite posts so far, due to how much yellow is involved! My boyfriend and I had a road trip out to Toowoomba recently, (as you would see on my instagram!) and even though the flowers were a little bit sad looking, we made the most of it, getting some cute photos!

This was the second time we’ve been to Toowoomba together, and I’ve just about DSC_0568convinced myself that one day in my future, I’ll be retiring to Toowoomba. If you’ve ever driven down their tree adorned streets, filled with small old houses, you too would be falling in love with the now big country town. Last time we had come here for a small weekend away, due to me losing a job and finally having a weekend off! It’s the small happy things…

This time, we did a morning hike, then headed to Toowoomba for lunch (more on that next week!) and to finally get to these sunflower fields. We had been lusting over instagram posts of them for a while, and of course, we were about two weeks late. Thankfully we’re both the type of people that can laugh off these things and decided to climb over the fence (sorry farmer), and found some of the last few live flowers and took some photos.

Here are the results!


Sooooo in love with the colour yellow! Also you’ll notice that on my facebook page for both this blog and my online store, the current cover photo is one of these sunflowers.

Have you guys ever been to a sunflower field?


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