2018 Beauty Products


Hello all! I’m back this time with a beauty post. This year I’m trying to be a little tighter with my money, so realistically, the makeup you see in this post, that’s all I’m mostly going to be using for 2018. The only thing extra will of course be the face cleansing items I use!

If these products don’t look familiar to you, you may have missed one of my past posts! ‘What I Got For Christmas‘ – check it out while you’re here.

Firstly, my new makeup kit that I got given for Christmas! My makeup that I was using fullsizeoutput_2d8beforehand was getting either too old or a little empty, so I was over the moon for new makeup, and I was especially happy with what I got! The eyeshadow palette has such a great variety of choices, and work so well with the 4 lipsticks that came in the pack! I’ve tried using every colour, but of course I’m definitely going to have my favourites.

fullsizeoutput_2efMost importantly, this year I’m attempting to take better care of my skin. So far it’s actually going quite well! My face has cleared up a lot since the beginning of this year, and it’s not having as major freak out when it comes to my monthly visits. I’ve started using face masks in my rituals, from Sephora. They’re quite cheap, so I’m happy to keep stocking up on them every now and then. I try to use one a week, usually on a Monday or Sunday night, with my favourite being avocado! Which of course, my stomach loves avocado, and so does my face.

My next step up for taking care of my face would be to actually take some to my boyfriends house, because that’s really the only time my face suffers from breakouts, as when I stay over at his, it can be a few nights in a row, and I leave the products at home. That’s my next change I need to make happen! I swear I’m just slowly turning his bathroom cabinet into mine…



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