What’s In My Bag – Uni Edition

IMG_4340Week 2 for me starts today, and so I’ve decided to discuss my most important item for uni – my bag. I live on the Northside of Brisbane, attending a uni that’s on the Southside. Therefore I prefer to limit how many days I’m at uni for classes, so sometimes I can be at uni for 11 hours! My current timetable for this trimester is a little bit all over the place, with Thursday’s being 10am-6pm, which is actually pretty easy, BUT Friday’s are the most frustrating; 8am-7pm. This is because I have an 8am-11am lecture but then nothing again until 6pm… Last week I had work, so I haven’t experienced this ridiculous break yet, so we’ll see how I go!

Firstly, the bag itself I picked up at Strandbags for about $50?? It was on sale, and I justIMG_4340 really needed a professional looking bag that had a padded pouch for my laptop, and had a few little pockets inside to put in my little items. In the padded pouch, I’m able to fit in my 3 subject uni book, my diary and my folder – which I have dedicated to Legal Issues, due to how much work I’m going to have to put into it!

Out of the padded pouch, I have a bit of everything else. A pencil case, water bottle (1 litre so I make sure to drink at least 2 a day!), sunglasses, a reading book, earphones, chargers and lip balm. And since I’m studying my last ever (hopefully) mathematical IMG_4337class for my degree, I have tucked in there my science calculator.

Lastly, I have my teeny tiny purse (I don’t really use cash, so I don’t need a big one!), my car keys and another smaller pouch.


Inside of the smaller pouch are the necessities, pads, tampons, my pill packet, andIMG_4341 panadol. I hate the awkwardness of asking people for this stuff so I always make sure it’s well stocked. Plus I have in the past had to go home from uni because of my horrible migraines, and since I’m really trying to boost my GPA this semester, I can’t afford to miss my classes, especially on a Thursday.



I of course add a few things to my bag depending on what’s happening during the day, chocolate, umbrella, lollies, etc.

What do you guys think is a necessity in a uni bag?


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