What Are University Trimesters?


Hey readers! I’m back, and this time to explain something I’ve had to explain to many people; friends, family, co-workers, etc.

I go to university at Griffith, which in 2017 started doing trimesters instead of semesters.

I’ve literally had someone think I was pregnant when I’ve discussed ‘being in trimester 2’… SO here’s to clear it up a little bit! Just because I find it hilarious the idea of little me being pregnant, I’m too awkward to have that conversation!

fullsizeoutput_363Basically, Griffith decided that to get more students enrolling, it would start offering a permanent extra semester. They always had the summer semester, but that was usually a pain in the rear to enrol into, and even then, a lot of classes weren’t offered during that time anyways. So, trimesters became a thing and now I’m literally at university all year round. Luckily, I really enjoy my course, and if you’re doing a degree full time, a 3 year course can be completed within 2 years. So for me, I have 3 trimesters left! Pretty scary tbh.

To give you a little idea of how the trimesters of 2018 are going to look like:

Trimester 1, 2018: Teaching week 1 starts 26th of February, with the last day of teaching week 12 on the 1st of June. Thankfully theres a 2 week holiday in there, during the Commonwealth Games. Then, the exams for the trimester are from the 4th of June, to the 23rd of June. Holidays are only 2 weeks!

Trimester 2, 2018: Teaching week 1 starts 9th of July, with the last day of teaching week 12 on the 28th of September. There’s no mid trimester holiday, so that’s a fun mental health time of 12 weeks straight of learning. BUCKETS OF SARCASM. Exams are from the 1st of October, through to 27th of October.

fullsizeoutput_364You’d think they’d be nice and give us 2 weeks of holidays, right? WRONG. We’re back after only 1 week! Buckle up kiddos.

Trimester 3, 2018: Teaching week 1 starts 29th of October (yup, same month that we finished trimester 2), with the last day of teaching week 12 on the 1st of February, 2019. They haven’t released the 2019 academic calendar yet, so who in the heck knows when my exams will be!

So, if you guys ever see me face to face and see bags under my eyes, it’s due to my continuous studying over the next year! It’s a bit scary knowing that I’m graduating mid 2019!



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