Uni Update for Trimester 1 2018

fullsizeoutput_363.jpegI’m back! This post was meant to be up on Thursday… and now it’s Saturday! OOPS

I’ve just finished writing my notes for my first week back into Trimester 1 of the year, and so far it’s feeling okay? Initially I was doing 5 subjects, but after realising that one of my subjects is notoriously difficult, I’ve lightened my load down to an easier 4 subjects.

So, this isn’t going to my usual ‘picture filled’ blog post, but here’s a run down of what my trimester is going to look like!

Also, stay tuned for Monday’s post, I’ll be explaining what a uni ‘trimester’ is, compared to a ‘semester’.

This trimester I’m doing Economics, Legal Issues for Managers, Business Processes and Human Resources Management Principles. They’re a mixture of first, second and third year classes.


So far, I’m really happy with how the class is looking! This is my last first year class I have yet to complete, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Thankfully, my lecturer is actually really engaging and makes the content seem interesting! I’m not a mathematically minded person, so of course I was going to be a little worried about the content. So far, so good!

Legal Issues for Managers:

Initially, I wasn’t too worried about this class, and was thinking that I’d just find it an interesting class. OH GOD NO I was so incredibly wrong. In the first weeks lecture, they have an entire 2 slides, WARNING students about the difficulty of the class. This was why I dropped out of my fifth class, just to make the work load a lot lighter and relaxed for myself. The assessments are written using the ILAC method, which I’m yet to fully find out what the heck that is, but all I know, is that it’s a law student type thing. God help me, because there are some big assessments in this class…

Business Processes: 

Well, I walked into the first lecture with seriously no expectations, and walked out disappointed. For starters, the lecturer was technologically impaired, more so than my parents… The content is so incredibly simple and boring. Yes, I know that this is the first week but I spent 2 hours in a lecture where I learnt NOTHING. Hopefully I actually learn something next week?

Human Resource Management Principles:

I didn’t actually make it to this lecture! I had work from 11-3 on the day, and since my uni is on the other side of town, there was no way I could make it. However, I’ve looked over the lecture slides and took down a heap of notes. As HR is my major, I’m obviously in love with this class already. A majority of the content is common sense for me, but thankfully I enjoy the little ‘interesting fact’s that my lecturer has put into the slides.


Last trimester my grades weren’t exactly the best… I passed everything, but I’ve now had that kick up the butt to pull my head in and study study study! Of course, if my grades are good at the end of this trimester, I’m definitely doing a celebration blog post for it.


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