What I Got for Christmas

fullsizeoutput_327Hello! I’m finally back, I have had a few rough weeks since I last posted, which maybe sometime in the next month or so, I’ll explain. For now though, I’ve returned for a late post about what I received for Christmas! I wish I was able to post this a little earlier, but at least we finally got there in the end.

From Santa, and the Best Friendfullsizeoutput_327

For those that don’t know me, I absolutely love candles, tea and vegetarian food. So, it was quite fitting that Santa (actually the family budgie) was to gift me a vegetarian cook book and a candle. The two T2 cups are from my best friend and my brother (part of his bigger present to me) and the red candle is from my boyfriends family! She apparently didn’t know how many Christmas candles I had already bought myself in the few months beforehand, but she chose this amazing candle from Dusk, and it literally smells of Christmas.

From the Parents

As per most families, on Christmas day, the dad actually never knows what the children are actually receiving in their presents, because it was the mum who purchased them. This one was no difference, mum decided that I needed some new makeup, and Myer had a really good deal. All of this Elizabeth Arden makeup cost only $99?! I’ve been attempting to use all the different coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks, with this being the first time I’ve used a highlighter. Have I mentioned how I have no clue when it comes to makeup?

From the Brother

Other than the T2 cup, my brother bought me some Kikki.K things for the planner I already had. My brother seems to be too lazy to come up with his own Christmas present ideas for me, so we usually set a price limit and head off to a shopping centre where I choose out items. So, I got some cute little matching additions for the planner! He knows that I’m not going to use the planner until after I graduate from uni (mid 2019 haha) but he knows that this is the sort of stuff I wouldn’t buy for myself anyways.

From the Boyfriend

Last, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, my boyfriend got me the most unbelievable present for Christmas?? There was no way in a million years I thought he’d buy me anything like this for Christmas, but here we are. He bought me a set of earrings and necklace, which were handmade by a local jewellery maker at some markets he went to with his family. The green earrings were from my mum (I really need to plan my photo shoots better oops). I LOVE this set of jewellery so much, it’s surprisingly very me, which is difficult as I am known to be really picky when it comes to these things. AND he got me lingerie? It makes me giggle knowing that he would’ve gone into a store by himself and he actually talked to someone for advice on what to get. Luckily, he’s a sneaky guy and knew my sizing, so it fits perfectly and is so incredibly comfortable.

What an awesome Christmas haul for me! What did you all get for Christmas??


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