Bringing on 2018

Hello there again! I’m absolutely living for this blog and of course 2018! With the New Year coming in over the next few hours for me, I’ve had thoughts about the things I’d love to be accomplishing over the next year. So, I’ve come up with 6 New Years Resolutions for 2018, and I’m hoping that my readers will be able to not only follow my journey, but perhaps partake in a few of them!

Pay off all debts

My most important resolution for 2018 is paying of my debt! I’ve got a few grand left to pay off my car, and then I need to pay of some insurance bills which my parents paid for me over the last 2 years. As a full time student that does trimesters (meaning I’m literally at uni all year round, I’ll explain in an upcoming post one day!) and works as a casual in retail, I’m desperate to pay of this debt so I can use my money for other things, like travelling.

Learn German

My boyfriends family speak German, and since I’m at his house a fair amount of the time, I feel like I should be able to take part in their conversations! They do of course speak English as well, but it’d be cool to be able to speak in their language, especially since maybe one day I’d love to go to Switzerland and Germany. So, I’m going to be using Duolingo, and also try use my new words in conversation at their house!

Yoga at least once a week

I absolutely love love love yoga, and I find it helps me to relax, so my goal for 2018 is to do it at least once a week! On top of that, I may have just agreed with the boyfriend that next year, we should workout together 3 times a week. Yikes.

Grow instagram

Currently my Instagram has just over 500 followers, but I’d love to be able to at least double it! I’m able to put more effort and time into my social media this year, especially Instagram. Anything even above 1,000 would be super amazing, so of course a link to my instagram is here, so chuck me a follow and maybe even a DM! I’d always love to hear feedback about my blog.

Love your body

2017 has been a somewhat okay year regarding my body confidence. I have found that in the last few weeks at my new job, the girls there have helped me feel more confident about the clothes I wear, and just about everything that my body is or isn’t. I’m praying that for 2018, I treat my body with a whole lot of love, growing my hair out, getting a spray tan (for the first time!), getting a wax in the nether regions (I’ve only done a bikini wax once before, now it’s time for some more!) and taking care of my skin every single day. Maybe I’ll do the typical ‘before and after’ photos this year, to watch my progress throughout the months!

Internship:office job

Lastly, this isn’t something that’s too important, as I know I am studying full time and all year round, but if the perfect opportunity came up and I was offered an internship or an office job in 2018, I’m of course going to take it. So I guess we’ll see how that goes! It’s not something I’ll stress about if I don’t complete this resolution.

And there we have it! My 2018 resolutions, all six of them! I’ve got so many happy thoughts surrounding the idea of 2018 so I’m really hoping that I can make the most of the coming year 🙂


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